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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 23, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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live, this is kron4 news at 11:00. the fallout from bart's decision to cut off cellphone service during a protest. tomorrow morning, bart tries to tackle the issue at a special meeting following protests organized by the hacker group anonymous. this was the scene yesterday outside the civic center bart station. police made 40 arrests before the night was over. for a second time in two weeks, demonstrators shut down bart stations in san francisco, leaving many commuters stranded. the trouble started after bart
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attempted to stop a demonstration about a shooting in july. after officers say he threw a knife at them. we have surveillance video of that shooting. to stop the protests, bart turned off underground cell service. the group anonymous has since hacked websites associated with bart and today, the group released a list of demands to be met or else they say they will continue to disrupt service. their demands fire two specific bart employees, mandate new training for bart officers, publicly apologize for shutting down the cell service, take guns away from the bart police, and reopen the investigation into the shooting of charles hill. at the special meeting by the bart board tomorrow morning, they will discuss the cell service disruption issue. meantime, bart officials say their number one priority is rider safety. >> we were acting for the safety of our passengers. imagine being stuck in two
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hours in the middle of the commute. we cannot have that. we can't look back and say we're sorry for the people that got hurt, we should have cut off cellphone service but we didn't. we have to protect our passenger safety. >> last night's bart protest lasted three hours but with everything that happened, there was just one alert san francisco text message sent out. that's a service that's supposed to alert people of any issues. kron4's j.r. stone talked with the people who run the system and they siit works well. >> reporter: protests delayed commutes and arrests have become an all too familiar sight. bart officials have sent tweets about the delays. has kept a close tab on the advisories but there was just one alert san francisco text message sent out, a system run by those with the city and
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county of san francisco. >> something that is so fluid we thought it would be a little bit more appropriate to do theupdates by twitter. >> reporter: while the 16,000 people who subscribe may be small in comparison to the 35,000 that follow san francisco department of emergency management, a text message alert system may be crucial in the case of a major earthquake where data is not available on your phone or a situation similar to what occurred tuesday on the east coast. the department of emergency management is clear, though. they say the text message system does work and may get more use in certain circumstances. >> it's really a case-by-case basis, based on the nature of the event or the emergency. >> reporter: it doesn't cost the city more money to send a text message alert out. it's just a matter of how often they prefer to utilize the system. >> we understand thatemergencies are very fluid. there may be a need to update
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people on a more frequent basis. that's why by also have a number of tools in our toolbox to communicate with the public. >> through all the tweets and text messages sent about last night's bart rally, it is important to note that when it comes to earthquakes, it's a different story. we don't have an early earthquake system in place for our mobile phones. it's something that japan has but we are still years away from here in the united states and specifically california. for now reporting in the studio, j.r. stone, kron4 news. >> a magnitude 5.8 earthquake hit virginia today and it was felt all along the eastern corridor. it was one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded on the east coast. people in washington, d.c. and in new york were among those who felt it. scientists with the u.s. geological survey say earthquakes in the region are rare but they do happen. we have more from the u.s. center in menlow park. >> it's been more than a
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century since they've had an earthquake of this size. >> reporter: walter mooney is a seismologist. he says that researchers here aren't surprised that a strong quake has struck in virginia but he understands why people might be confused. >> the hazards more commonly are the hurricanes and we've heard a lot about tornados and earthquakes are quite infrequent. so people tend to put it out of mind. >> reporter: scientists here say that what caused today's earthquake is very different from what happens here in california. today's earthquake in virginia was the result of what's called a thrust fault, which is a type of earthquake that creates mountains. here in california, our earthquakes are the result of slip faults, which is where the earth's tectonic plates are rubbing together. >> reporter: mooney says that any earthquake on the east coast will be felt over greater distances because places like virginia have much rockier soil than we do. >> these cold, solid rocks in the eastern united states
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transmit the seismic energy much more efficiently. so everybody feels the earthquake. it goes over, you know, hundreds of miles compared to the relative short distances that earthquakes are felt in california. >> reporter: mooney also expects that there will be aftershocks from today's quake, possibly as strong as a magnitude 4. >> people will feel a couple of the after-shocks and it will continue for some days and weeks. >> reporter: in menlow park, kron4 news. boy, it was hot out there today, even close to the coastline. high temperatures in the upper 80s and noliance for most of the bay area, even warmer than that in our inland valleys, 96 in concord, 97 in livermore. the only place that saw a break from the heat was close to the bay. so again another look at our high temperatures today, warmer than average for the first time in a long time. we've been seeing temperatures well below average for most of
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the summer. but today was 10 degrees above average in san jose and livermore, 13 degrees above average in oakland, and 14 degrees above our average mark in heyward. the warm weather's not going to be sticking with us. changes out there tomorrow. i'll have details, coming up. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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an entire coastal town, some 800 residents, are without drinkable water tonight and officials are telling them the problem could last for days. the current-renoir system -- county-run water system had broken down. residents are furious and as reggie kumar reports, all of this is happening just as parents are preparing to send children to school tomorrow. >> reporter: officials are preparing to start the year off with no water. that's why 200 gallons of bottled water are being stored.
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there is still water coming out of drinking fountains but the water may have bacteria in it so the town's 800 residents are being asked to boil their water or pick up bottled water at the town's community center. >> they told thos we can't drink from the -- they told us we can't drink from the water. it's kind of bad for us to tell us now, we have to drink water from the water bottles. >> reporter: the problem started when the town's primary well pump seen here which sends 60 gallons of water a minute burned out monday night. an alarm was supposed to alert them but it hasn't worked for years. they're in the process of installing this new pump. >> the backup will be about half that capacity so we have a backup well running right now butt it's not keeping up. >> it's going to take a while to recover from this. we'll be requesting everybody
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to ration their water until we're fully recovered. >> reporter: once the new water pump is up and running again, it has to fill this tank which holds 140,000 gallons of water before residents can get their normal water supply again. but that could take two days to fill. until then, the town's fire department has a tanker truck on truck, which holds up to 12,000 gallons of water just in case there's an emergency. reggie kumar, kron4 news. we have a programming note to tell you about. this thursday night, kron4 will air nbc programming at 8:00 p.m. you can see community, followed by parks and recks, the office, and without a trace at 10:00 p.m., and then the kron4 news at 11:00. that's this coming thursday starting at 8:00 p.m. on kron4. we'll be right back.
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in news around the bay, we are learning more about a muni
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bus accident that claimed the life of a san francisco woman. it happened last friday in the castro district. officials say emily dunn was in a crosswalk when the bus struck and killed her. the driver should not have been there at all and the agency failed to give the driver a specific route to get to his destination as is standard practice. an update to the violence atsaturday's 49ers raiders game. one man who was shot in the stomach is in fair condition. another who was beaten in the restroom is also in fair condition tonight. he had been transferred to another hospital for more treatment. [ beeping ] >> heclared his country a free nation after rebels take control of muammar qaddafi's compound in tripoli. they spent five hours fighting to take over that compound.
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qaddafi loyalists who tried to defend it were beaten and killed. many rebels walked out with crates of weapons and trucks with guns mounted on the back. there is still no word onqaddafi's whereabouts but here is a look inside his compound. [ shouting ] >> they feel very, very excited. very excited. we're going to go in a little bit further. you are seeing the fire inside of qaddafi's compound. [ shouting ] >> we're trying to go in to see -- we are told that the whole place has been secured by the rebels and there are cars driving in easily but there is still quite a bit of gunfire, that gunfire celebratory gunfire. you see another fire burning
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inside of the compound but this is a historic day. psychologically speaking, this is an important day, especially for the rebels who qaddafi said would never be able to break his spirit, would never be able to taken the city, but they have taken qaddafi's compound and you can see now some of the press coming out. so clearly, they have it. clearly, they've taken it over and clearly, there is extreme excitement here in tripoli. >> meantime, muammar qaddafi's son made an appearance at a tripoli hotel earlier today more than a day after the rebels had reported his capture. there was no immediate explanation from the rebel leadership. well, it was warm out there today, but as we head into tomorrow, big changes.
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first in the morning, we have a system sitting offshore that could bring us some isolated thunderstorms into tomorrow morning in the north bay but it's a very slight chance of it happening. it looks like everything's going to stay offshore. into the afternoon, we're going to see fog moving back to the coastline and much cooler for the later afternoon hours. we'll get a look at those temperatures in just a moment. first let's look at fog tracker, already seeing dense fog close to the coastline but the fog is not going to make a big inland push tomorrow. moving into the north bay into the 7:00 hour, also in the san francisco-oakland area, that's it. back to san francisco, still scaling back through parts of the north bay at 9:00 and back to the coastline for the afternoon. it does not look like we'll see a whole lot of sun breaks along the coast tomorrow. a look at our temperatures for tomorrow afternoon, still pretty warm in parts of the south bay, 86 in los gatos, that is cooler than today by several degrees, same thing in our inland valleys. same thing in pleasanton, 84 in concord, 87 in san ramon.
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much cooler for our shores. we were in the upper 80s and low 90s, a big drop there. big drop for the peninsula, back into the 70s for the most part. staying col close to the coastline, low 60s and up in the north bay, temperatures mainly running in the 70s with 88 in fairfield and 68 in mill valley. cooler tomorrow, cooler weather continued as we round out the work week. dense fog thursday and friday. as we head into the weekend, less fog expected and that's going to mean warmer temperatures throughout the bay area. on as player hits a mammoth home run at yankees stadium. and the giants battle from four runs down to catch the padres. can they eke out a win? that's in sports next.
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all right, giants and padres tonight, sloppy. comeback buzz in the 8th inning, that door slammed shut in the ninth. although i like the moxie from
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this little baby right here, gets the ball. i love that. 1-0 in the second, kyle gets all of the matt cain offering, a two-run shot and just like that, the padres led 3-0. cain seven innings, five runs, three earned. 5-4 san diego in the eighth. ties the game with the rbi single, it's 5-5 and yes, there was life at 3rd and king street. but same score in the ninth, runner at third, alberto gonzalez singles to center. padres took the lead, they would not give it back. they won by a final of 7-5. with arizona winning, the giants are now two games back in the national league west. take a look at this fellow right here. this is jason stevenson from chico outlaw. the giants went ahead and signed him and then promoted him to triple a. fresno.
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the guy's 8-0. the giants eyeballing this guy, running him right through the organization. we go from that to the a's. they sent kouzmanoff to the rockies for a player to be named later. then they look to cash in at the yankees in the bronx new york. look at this one, chavez, he gets the call because alex rodriguez got scratched from the lineup. brandon allen and the big fella crushes it all the way to the third deck in right field, only the second ball ever to hit that deep at the new yankees stadium. he went deep twice on this night, dazzling the rest of his teammates. the a's, they are commanding, 6- 0 lead. and nick swischer cuts the lead in half. the a's needed a nic swischer
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flyout to escape the game. the yankees can score some runs. it was the bad enough to have water in your ear, you shake it all out. how about a good-sized moth? that's what happened to matt holiday of the cardinals last night. it was so bad he had to leave the game, went to the clubhouse. they had to take these tweezers, got a wing, got another wing and got the rest of the body of the moth out of his ear canal. he says it was painful but he'll live. shocking news, iconic tennessee basketball coach pat summit announced today, she has early onset dementia. memory loss of alzheimer's type. she has known about it since may, decided to go public about it today. she will coach her 38th season while fighting the condition. the hall of fame coach is over 1,000 wins and eight national titles. speaking of icons, arguably the
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bay area's most celebrated figure made a public appearance this morning, joe montana, three-time super bowl mvp, teamed up with kraft today to help fight hunger. he was at the san francisco food bank, which collects and distributes thousands of pounds of food each year, but most of the folks wanted to talk about the existing quarterback, alex smith. >> if he understands the offense, the offense is pretty simple to run. if they're doing the same offense he brought from stanford, i think he'll enjoy it once he understands it. >> all right. and an nba baller heading overseas while the league lockout looms. we're talking about swing man reggie williams. he signed with a team in spain called cadanobara. he has a one-year deal with an optout, which he'll utilize should the lockout end. williams was one of the surprises of the warriors last
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year. it's tough to see this lockout go on and on and on as both sides are far apart in that one. in the collective bargaining agreement. >> all right. thank you. and thank you for being with us tonight everybody. we'll see you tomorrow. premiering the revolution by lg.
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